What to think about when writing a CV?

Writing a great and appealing Curriculum Vitae (CV) is one of the crucial & primary factors for job hunting. Who actually you are, what are your skills and how you can be the right choice for the company, everything must be added in the CV.

But, it doesn’t mean you write long paragraphs and make your CV full of texts. To write an appealing CV, there are various factors you have to keep in mind. In this article, we will share certain things you should keep in mind while writing a CV for job hunting:

1. Length

The first and foremost crucial thing to consider while writing a CV is its length. The length of the CV is based upon how much experience you have and what different extra-curricular activities you have done. The best length is writing a one-page CV. If you have many things to mention in your CV, then don’t go beyond 2 pages. Keeping it short helps the interviewer in scanning your CV and knowing about you more appropriately.

2. Formatting

Make sure all the formatting in your CV is correct. Most freshers make the mistake here. They do not have an idea about what looks good and what doesn’t in their CV. Hence, make sure you don’t overdo anything.

3. Bullet Points

Don’t put large paragraphs and fill the whole page with texts. In making your CV more appealing, bullet points play an important role. You can use bullet points for explaining how you have gained work experience and participated in different extra-curricular activities.

4. Clear Sections

While writing a CV, one thing you should always keep in mind is that the CV must be easy to read for the interviewer. By adding proper and clear sections in your CV, it would be easy for the interviewer to navigate your CV quickly.

5. LinkedIn Profile URL

LinkedIn is a great social networking site for job seekers, corporates, and companies. You can even add your LinkedIn profile URL in the CV, this shows professionalism and by adding a LinkedIn URL, the interviewer can know a bit more about you.

6. Don’t leave gaps

Your CV must have a professional look. Don’t ruin the layout of your CV by leaving too many gaps in it. Don’t leave gaps just to write one or two page CV.

7. Keep it up-to-date

Always keep your CV up-to-date. It doesn’t mean when you get job you stop updating your CV. Whether you are looking for a job or not, you should keep updating it. You can write down whenever something crucial related to your job, skills, qualifications, etc. happens in your life so that you can update your CV later on.

Final Thoughts

Writing a CV might seem difficult for freshers, but it isn’t. To write an appealing CV, all you have to do is to follow some basic rules like length, format, adding bullet points, adding proper navigation, etc. So, the above given are the points you need to consider while writing a CV.

What to think about when writing a CV?