What Not to Include in Your CV?

All the job seekers give utmost importance to what to include in a CV, but it is equally important to give due importance to what not to include in a CV. One of the biggest mistakes applicants make during the whole interview process is to add things that must be avoided. Here are things you should never include in your CV:

1. Irrelevant Experience

This is the biggest mistake applicants make while writing a CV. The interviewer has nothing to do with your experience that does not match the job profile you have applied for. Adding an irrelavant experience in the CV is useless. Hence, make sure you only add the experience that is related to the job you have applied.

2. Personal Stuff

The interviewer is not at all interested in knowing about your personal stuff. He/She is interested only in knowing about stuff that relates to the job position you have applied for, in some way. Hence, avoid adding personal stuff like marital status, religious preferences, and political preferences.

3. Explanations for job changes

Another mistake that some people make is, they include explanations for the job changes in their CVs. But, it is not a good idea to do so; it creates a bad impression on the interviewer. You may have left the job due to various reasons such as a dispute with the company, low salary, or even due to personal reasons.

4. Salary Details

Do not include how much you are being paid from the current company or you were getting paid from the past company. As different companies have different salary structure criteria, if you do not fit into their salary criteria, you might get rejected even without an interview. Instead of including salary on your CV, discuss with the interviewer and negotiate it.

5. Hobbies

You can include a hobby list in your CV, but it doesn’t mean you include a big list of your hobbies that are not related to the job in any matter. It is advisable to keep the list of hobbies short and simple. Common hobbies such as reading, writing, etc. can be included.

6. Grammar Mistakes

Even if you are not applying for the job that is related to writing, including bad grammar must be avoided. If your CV consists of so many grammatical errors, it will reflect how lazy and careless you are. To avoid grammatical errors, you should proofread your resume after writing it or you can also hire an expert proofreader to do it.

7. Colorful text & creative fonts

Don’t think that you will look different from other applicants by adding colorful texts and creative fonts in your CV. Your CV must be professional and easy to scan by the interviewer. Whenever the interviewer checks your CV, it must be easy for him/her to understand everything that you have mentioned.

Final Thoughts

While writing your CV, you not only have to focus on what to include in it, you have to also focus on what things you should avoid adding in your resume. In short, always avoid stuff that does not relate to the job you have applied in any manner.

What Not to Include in Your CV?